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What is a Variable Product?

Variable products are different types or characteristics of the same product. Variable products help Buyers choose products with different variations on one product details page, for example products with different size and color variations.

The following image is an example of a product variable in the marketplace.

See how to create and delete Attribute,  add Attribute Values on the website:

To begin adjusting product variations, go to Dashboard > Products > Add New Product or Change Product

1. Make sure you have selected a Variable Product


2. Create and delete costume attribute

To add an attribute. Just click the Add button next to Add attribute.

To delete an attribute. Just delete the name attribute and value attribute, then click submit button.

3. Add attribute values

To add an attribute values. Just input the values of the attribute and by adding "|" for separating value.
Example : 12 m | 15 m | 20 m