Providing Reliable Information About the Suppliers Market

Our clients and members are a mix of international companies willing to operate in key economic sectors world-wide and local companies looking to expand their activity to the international markets.

Garuda Supplies core business is to digitalize company’s business and share reliable information about the supplier’s markets, by sourcing, evaluating, and qualifying reliable suppliers on key selected markets.

Garuda Supplies has put in place a very strict system based on the evaluation of applicants’ performance such as financial situation, company size, level of stocks in Indonesia, services quality, products performance, responsiveness to support clients.

All suppliers which are meeting Garuda Supplies requirement in term of evaluation process will be identified on our marketplace with our quality logo, as shown below.

Best Choice vendors are vendors having complied with our Audit process and are meeting all pre-defined requirement in term of financial and quality management process.

Best Sellers vendors are vendors with the biggest volume of sales on our marketplace, regardless of their Audit status.

Best Deal Products are the products providing the best quality or service that money can buy for this product line or service type.