The key benefits to make your business digital

Global Digital Presence

The presence of your company products and services online will give you the opportunity to be more visible to potential buyers world-wide.

Engaging with Customers

Providing the opportunity for visitors and members to engage with you about your products online.

Showing your expertise by sharing Digital publications with our members and on social networks.

Increase your reputation and e-reputation

Our Qualification process will help your company to get more credibility with potential buyers world-wide. By meeting our evaluation criteria, your company will receive our Suppliers Quality Label.

Showcase innovative products

Our Marketing solution will allow your company to promote the best selling or innovative products design. By meeting our evaluation criteria, your products will receive our Products Quality Label.

Getting commercial services from Garuda Supplies

Garuda supplies will process the RFQ and Purchase Orders received, in order to check and  secure the transactions between suppliers and buyers.

Getting Fiscal support​

Garuda Supplies will process orders an invoices and can issues all legal reports for the annual fiscal reporting required by law.

Optimise your company processes

Garuda Supplies can help you to improve your internal processes such as Sales, Purchasing, Logistic, Financial, taxes, and IT such as ERP tools and digital marketing.

Priority Support with WhatsApp provided to our Members

to help you with your store creation

to assist you to find a product or service

to assist you with the data analytic of your store activities

Stay connected where ever you go

By proposing secure zoom meetings with flawless video and audio to your customers.

Make, receive and manage calls from clients around the world.

Zoom cloud meeting is the number #1 solution for professional.

Take control of your e-Business

Our Store Manager application is available for Android phones and it’s totally FREE to use.

Our Store Manager Application dashboard includes functionalities such as Management of Products, Orders, Bookings, Enquiries, and sales Reports.

Built-in QR-Code Technology

Share Digital Content about your Products and Services

Redirect your clients to online payment solutions

Products Digital Vcard easy to distribute

Suppliers Membership is a type of membership as a B2B supplier or distributor that will meet with clients from various countries. Our Focus is to help you increase your promotions and sales.