PO & Invoicing policy

All transactions between the parties require support documentation such as:

  • a purchase order (subject to Indonesian Supplies approval and Terms and Conditions for any Purchase Orders) and as per Indonesian Supplies Master Terms and Conditions, when applicable.
  • Indonesian Supplies requires an original invoice (also referred to as a tax invoice). In some countries, invoices sent as PDF files via e-mail are also considered as original invoices.

All Purchases Orders shall include:

  • Full name of Indonesian Supplies approving the Purchase Order and buyer ordering the goods or services

  • Name and address of the delivery point reference or description of the invoiced item or service as stated on the purchase order invoiced price, which must equal purchase order price.

  • International custom regulations require that duty be paid on the true net value of imported goods. Therefore, charges such as packing, freight, and handling must be itemized separately on all invoices submitted for payment.

Invoices for all purchases requiring purchase orders must be accompanied by a copy of the purchase order and confirmed goods receipt. The invoice price must match both the purchase order price and the confirmed goods receipt. Discrepancies will delay payment until the documentation is reconciled.

When the shipping address differs from the invoicing address on the purchase order, providing proof of delivery with the invoice is recommended.