Logistic Management

London is an international city with a long history with the management of global trade agreement and the business development globalisation.

The British capital is interconnected with many local markets and in various continents, that has lead to increase overall trade volume and have allowed key industrial specialised player, to emerge or to move to UK.

The United Kingdom trade agreements value in the context of total UK trade of goods and services, was £1,322 billion in 2018.

  • Trade with EU represent 49% of this value

  • Trade with countries our EU represent 40% of this value

  • Trade with Trade Agreement continuity countries represent 10%

Several trade agreements have now been signed with countries that account for 74.6% of the UK’s trade in 2018 with countries seeking for continuity,

Enterprises zones & Free zones


The British government has now 44 enterprise zones all over England, including 18 new zones, 24 existing zones of which 8 have extensions, plus Blackpool Airport and Plymouth Enterprise Zones, which were previously announced in the Budget that took place in March 2015.

The 24 Enterprise Zones established in the last Parliament have laid down the foundations for success for the new programme. The latest data release for the existing 24 Enterprise Zones has been published

Free Trade Zones (FTZs) and Free ports are not a new concept in the UK, but have received more attention in recent months as they are one of the opportunities that could emerge for UK ports following the Brexit, in order to develop and support the global trading market.