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Business Intelligence in New Markets

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The markets globalisation has been initiated in the 80s by the externalisation of services in developing countries also named LCC. The purchase of manufactured products and services was opening the door to new opportunities on subjects such as costs reduction and the management by product line.

The reality was certainly a lot of variation in the understanding of the commercial agreement T&Cs and their implementation according to the local rules and regulations. A higher level of defects due to the control quality checks between sellers and buyers, resulting in an overall higher production cost.

Including social responsibility rules less demanding in some parts of the world, resulting in a higher rate of accidents and medical cost related.

The consumers market since the 80s has moved from the industrialised countries to the fast-growing consumers markets created by the externalisation process in the 80s. Meaning that nowadays the consumers needs are becoming global and standardised world-wide by the brands business models.

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