Tading Companies

Special Attachement
Corporate Annual Income Tax Return
Transcript of Elements Citation of Financial Statement

I. Elements From Balance Sheet

Value (IDR)
Value (IDR)
Cash And Equivalent
Account Payable - Third Parties
Temporary Investments
Account Payable - Related Parties
Account Receivables - Third Parties
Interest Payable
Account Receivables - Related Parties
Taxes Payable
Other Receivables - Third Parties
Dividen Payable
Other Receivables - Related Parties
Accrued Expenses
Allowance For Doubtful Accounts
Short - Term Bank Loans
Long - Term Debts - Current Maturities
Prepaid Expenses
Other Current Liabilities
Other Current Asset
Long - Term Debts - Bank Loans
Long - Term Receivables
Long - Term Debts - Third Parties
Land and Buildings
Long - Term Debts - Related Parties
Other Fixed Asset
Deferred Tax Liabilities
Less : Accumulated Depreciation
Other Long - Term Liabilities
Investment In Associates
Capital Stock
Other Long - Term Investments
Additional Paid-In Capital
Intangible Assets
Retained Earnings From Previous Year
Deferred Tax Assets
Retained Earnings
Other Non - Current Assets
Other Equity
Total Assets
Total Liabilities and Owner's Equity

II. Elements From Income Statement

Value (IDR)
Net Sales
Merchandise Inventory - Beginning
Merchandise Inventory - Ending
Cost Of Good Sold (2+3-4)
Gross Profit (1-5)
Sales Expense
General And Administrative Expenses
Profit (6-7-8)
Income/(Expense) Other
Net Earnings Of Associates
Income Before Income Tax (9+10+11)
Income Tax Benefit (Expense)
Net Earnings From Normal Activities (12-13)
Extraordinary Items
Gain/Loss Before Minority Interest (14+15)
Minority Interest In Net Earnings Of Subsidiaries
Net Profit (16-17)

III. Transaction With Related Parties Under Financial Accounting Standard Guidelines (PSAK) Number 7

Types Of Transaction
Transaction Value (IDR)